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About Syama

Syama Meagher is the CEO of Scaling Retail, the consulting firm for global fashion and retail brands. She's an avid speaker and loves to write about retail trends. Syama works with budding entrepreneurs and consults for industry CEOs and VPs on innovative sales, marketing and merchandising strategy.

She has been quoted in Refinery29, WWD, Internet Retailer and was the ideator for the TEDxLA sustainable fashion program.

Speaking engagements

A well-experienced and successful businesswoman herself, Syama speaks on retail trends in sales, marketing and innovative business models.

Her well-rounded, hands-on experience in multiple fields helps her clients easily understand the nuances of business. Syama has had the privilege of speaking in front of audiences as diverse as startups and Fortune 500 executives.

Podcasts and guest blogs

Always brimming with ideas to grow businesses worldwide, Syama is involved with several podcasts and blogs. Key themes include sales, marketing and new business models.

Syama is positively shaping the future of fashion retail.  


"My business simply would not have taken off without Syama - she gave me the knowledge and confidence to launch my vision from conception to execution.

Syama's vast experience and supportive nature create the kind of collaborative, safe bubble you want to be in when learning to launch or grow your business. Plainly stated: my whole team and I love her!"

- Mitchell Sandler, Founder, Mitchell Evan

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