Executive Coaching

& Leadership Training

I have a passion for creating Self-Actualized people and businesses.

Coaching with Syama is for new founders or young leaders in their career journey who are looking for support in overcoming challenges, developing a self-actualized approach to business or need help with alignment to goals.


I help you develop self-awareness, clarify values and goals, and identify areas for growth and improvement.


Don’t try to lead ALONE. The best athletes have RESULTS driven coaches!

Over the past 10 years I have coached over 70 first time founders. With mindset and operational uplevelling I have seen clients:

  • Decrease employee churn
  • Navigate contracts to their benefit
  • Increase profit margins and top line sales
  • Improve their leadership team performance
  • Eliminate Imposter Syndrome
  • And more…

You MUST be ready to take the lens to YOU so that you can CREATE the a business that is successful, profitable and worthy of the outcomes you WANT.


I create a CUSTOM coaching program tailored to your specific NEEDS. Whether that’s a filter for choosing your next big business venture, or skilling up your leadership skills so you can raise capital and build the business of your dreams.


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