Quickfire Strategy Sessions

Need to make a pivotal business decision with assurance? Is there a pressing issue you need expert guidance on?
Cut out the guesswork and insecurity with a Quickfire Strategy Session!


Ready to move ahead in your business with confidence and strategy?

With Syama’s guidance, I’ve gone from that feeling of ‘what next?’ to having a clearly laid out roadmap for everything from product development to sales to e-commerce and marketing. For a solopreneur, Syama is like having a business partner that is fully invested and passionate about making my brand a success.

– Elyse Maguire

What do you get out of a Quickfire Strategy Session?

A Quickfire Strategy Session with Syama gives you a laser-focused hour to get to the heart of what your business needs to move ahead.


What does a session look like?

A fully one-on-one strategy session, Syama uses her vast retail and business-building experience to tackle your most pressing business questions on launching and scaling so you leave feeling confident about your next important action steps.


What are some big a-ha moments you’ll experience?

Working with Syama has been the best business decision I have made venturing into the fashion industry. Her scope of knowledge is extensive. She has an ability to see things I don’t, keeps me focused on business goals and helps me to prioritize business objectives based on my current budget. I have moved further in my business with Syama than I ever could have done on my own.

-Susanne Quirk, Pink & Rowe


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