Web3 Strategy
and Brand Consulting

The technology is not what Web3 will be known for, it’s the brands that leverage Web3 to create better consumer experiences that will define this technology.

We are in a perfect moment of crypto millionaires, Gen Z momentum, and consumer needs for engagement, authenticity and transparency in a moment of supply chain disasters and a volatile economy.

How do we build into the future?

NFT’s- Access to exclusive experiences, loyalty programs, unlockable products, ownership, and authenticity verification. Raising capital, and building long-term revenue programs, all while creating meaningful conversations and community.

Metaverse- Creation of new customer and brand experiences. Increasing brand loyalty. Leveraging archives and new collections for physical and digital launches.

Tokenomics- Customer incentives, loyalty programs, value creation.

I work with brands to establish the roadmap, internal capacity building, partnership planning, agency matchmaking, marketing, and integration of Web3 into the global brand direction.

My personal Web3 journey…

It was back in 2014 when I first heard of Bitcoin. I was working with a client on opening up a store in the West Village. We were going to have a Bitcoin ATM machine, the first in NYC. While the store didn’t last, the impression of a new currency piqued my interest. It wouldn’t be until 2017 when I first invested in Bitcoin…though it wasn’t as much as it should have been! Fast forward to 2021, when I started to hear of Beeple and the era of the NFT began. I’ve been studying, speaking, advising, and investing in the Blockchain since.

Some of my favorite projects:

Some spaces I’ve been speaking about Web3 in:

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Excited to build with you!