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Lily-Lark is a NY-based accessories brand of parasols for women.

Lily-Lark is an innovative brand of parasols for women in NYC. We consulted on business modelling, brand voice, copywriting and organizational management and systems.

Our agency also developed Lily-Lark’s social strategy and provided marketing campaign training – including their first Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

“Syama’s holistic approach helped me focus on what was needed to really launch my product in a way that would create sales. She was granular with her feedback and provided support in every area of my business. We started with redoing my branding to make the communication more consistent with the pricing of the product. Then we worked on areas like the outreach needed to get in front of buyers, from emailing, connecting with bloggers and influencers, pop-up shops, scheduling and finances. Now I have the fundamental tools to move forward with my business.” – Founder Lisa Selwitz