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Sugarhigh Lovestoned is a celebrity cult women’s RTW brand based in Hawaii and L.A.

Founder Ginny Slim says we took her cult brand of women’s ready-to-wear from the Dark Ages into the light…. we love that.

Sugarhigh Lovestoned benefited from a wide range of consulting services – including management, merchandising, sales and marketing strategies. We also worked closely with the co-founders on management strategy and CEO coaching including capacity building, delegating and lessons on cash flow and financial reporting.

Finally, we collaborated on smart wholesale and e-commerce sales strategies and digital and experiential marketing initiatives. These initiatives boosted visibility and sales: year-over-year Holiday Q4 results (2016-2017) saw 12% higher online traffic, 64% more transactions and a 38% increase in online sales.

Year-over-year 2016-2017 results saw online traffic grow by 175%, new online visitors increase by 289% and online sales grow by 290%. Sugarhigh Lovestoned is worn and loved by celebrities – including Vanessa Hudgens – and is carried by retailers like Planet Blue, Free People and Urban Outfitters.

“All I can say is, listen to what this woman has to say. If you don’t, it’s your loss. Our weekly meetings have helped us get on the same pages as other brands, understand what a calendar is, get our books in order, develop a back-end system, and her help has put us in front of retailers and press we would have not been able to handle before meeting her. And this is only the beginning.” – Founder Ginny Slim